Backpacking Holidays What You Need To Know

Backpacking holidays are a great way to explore.

Although this form of vacation is rewarding it’s not for everyone!

Backpacking is cool! Whether you’re enjoying a gap-year after school, a break from your career, or just an extended holiday abroad, backpacking often involves more in-depth preparation than the usual holiday checklist. How far to stretch your budget, how to handle transfers between various places, as well as constantly being on the go, can take some careful consideration.


How to get the most out of your backpacking experience 

  • Do your research

    Although a large aspect of the backpacking experience should be spontaneity, this doesn’t mean that a bit of prior research should be avoided completely. Not only will having a flick through the guidebooks give you a bit of inspiration on how to structure your trip, it will get you well and truly excited about embarking on your forthcoming travels.

  • Pack sensibly

    backpacking kitBesides beating the usual airline baggage charges, you also have to bear in mind that your load will be on your back for longer than the average traveler. So pack sensibly. Do you really need 40 pairs of socks? Nine bottles of sun cream? Remember that even though you are abroad you can still wash clothes and buy toiletries, so save that space for more necessities. And although you may be working on a budget, certain pricier purchases such as an e-reader could save you a lot of space! Similarly, the way you pack could save a lot of hassle. Have essential items such as sunglasses and a good flashlight near the top and things that you won’t need straight away, like bulky items of clothing or shoes, at the bottom of your rucksack.

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  • Should you pre-book?

    Back to that issue of spontaneity – do you plan your travel and accommodation in advance or leave your agenda wide open? The answer to this is really down to timing. Are you doing on a three-week trip around France or doing a six-month stint in Southeast Asia? If you are going on a short backpacking holiday (think two months and under) then maybe having a bit of an itinerary will help you make the most of your short time on the road. However, if you have months and months ahead of you it will be almost impossible to make any concrete plans. Maybe book your first two or three destinations in advance but then give yourself the opportunity to let wanderlust take over.

  • Save money on attractions

    backpacker image

    Once you’ve hit the road you may notice money disappearing quicker than you anticipated. But do not fear – there are many ways to save money without sacrificing all the top tourist attractions that you’ve always dreamed of visiting. If you have a student ID remember to flash it as much of possible, it could be your key to free entry and massive discounts on some big attractions, or check out websites like Student Beans for great discounts on travel and attractions (check them out on Facebook too). Also remember to see if the places you are visiting have free days or evenings. Many museums are free of charge in the evenings.

  • Eat local food and save money

    You are going to be visiting many new places and wanting to try many new things. How do you set a budget for all that yummy world food? As nice as it would be to eat in amazing restaurants every day, it’ll begin to put a bit of a dent in your budget. Allow yourself one good meal per location but other than that try some street food or sample interesting things from the local supermarket and cook in the hostel, which is a good way to get talking to fellow travelers.


  • Make the most of a long journey

    It can be easy to waste long train journeys zoning out but these are the ideal places to make some fantastic travel memories. If the person sitting near you is friendly get chatting to them, if they are local they might give you some fantastic advice. If not, get doodling, whether it be making a note of things you want to do or things from your previous destination that you want to remember.

  • Socialize with other backpackers

    backpackingOften, backpackers can end up in one of two camps: ‘I will only speak English to English speaking people and this is how I will travel’ or the ‘I want to talk to anyone but English speaking people as I am cultured and want to enjoy the experience’. Both camps are fairly flawed. Only speaking to people from where you are from will vastly limit your experience – you may come back knowing everything about New York, Sydney or Dublin, but that’s not exactly useful when you have been travelling around the Balkans for a month. Part of the fun is battling with language barriers and learning from other people. Similarly, avoiding all other tourists will stop you from getting sage travel advice, whether it be what restaurant does the cheapest food or which hostel in town throws the best party.

Have a great time backpacking!

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