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Are You Looking For Travel Companions?

Traveling with buddies is way more fun than going alone…

  • Social travel brings like-minded people together.
  • See destinations from various perspectives.
  • Build friendships that will last a lifetime, by simply sharing a trip together  

image of restaurant allow you to find, compare, and check reviews on 20,000 trips from over 500 tour websites AND find travel companions. I requested more information, and received this explanation from TourRadar

“If you’re interested in going on an organized tour or trek, TourRadar can help you get to know your travel companions even before you book. First, you browse the TourRadar website and find a tour that looks interesting.

Once you have a trip in mind, you can then use our “Meet Others” app either through Facebook or the TourRadar site, where you can join message boards full of other people who are looking into booking or have already booked that tour. Don’t see the tour on there? No problem. The app provides a simple function to create a group for your tour, based on your (planned) departure dates, tour operator or destination.

By exchanging a few messages, you should be able to get a better idea if the group is right for you. Once you’ve booked, you can keep on chatting with your future travel companions right up until departure.It’s a great feature especially for first-time or solo travellers who may otherwise be nervous going into an organized group tour. By using the TourRadar app, you’ll have made friends even before you step out your front door!I expect more tour operators will soon be providing travel companion facilities. Until they do, my own personal rule of thumb is that if the tour group size is 12+ you will probably find a soul mate among them.

Tours usually work out well and could end up as the trip of a lifetime – as long as your interests match others of your age group. On a Kayaking adventure I guess you won’t find many people over 35, and on an expensive tour of historic Europe you might find a high proportion of retirees.

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Other sites well worth a visit

With over 43,000 members and over 185,000 “future travel” plans entered, Travbuddy is one of the largest services for finding a travel companion online. You can post your travel blog, photos and tips on the site too. For added peace of mind, the site also operates a system where members “vouch” for other members after meeting them in real life. They say there have been over 5,000 vouches so far and none have been negative.

Launched in 2004, this site now has over 18,000 members. Trial membership is free, while full membership costs £5 and entitles you to contact all other members directly. Your profile can be matched to others based on common interests, and you can also post suggestions for group trips on the forum.

As the name implies, it’s women only on It’s free to join and you can find someone that specifically matches your criteria through the advanced-search function. Want a spa-loving, 40-year-old who adores rock music and enjoys an occasional drink? You got it.

Prefer group travel? lists worldwide get-togethers for specialist interests. “A little less face-to-screen and a little more face-to-face” is its tagline. Search for “travel” against your hometown and see what shows up. Edinburgh, for example, has two groups for lovers of adventurous pursuits, including Scottish Intrepid Adventurers which has organised over 300 meets and trips.

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